CBD Dosage and Its Benefits: A Beginner’s Guide

CBD Dosage

You can agree with us that CBD products pop out everywhere you go. From your favorite drug store to online stores. There is always one or two of these products staring at you. However, for something ubiquitous, there is no set rule on consumption and usage. How do you find the best CBD dosage for you? We came up with a guideline on how you can use CBD for different conditions.

Understand What CBD Can and Can’t Do

CBD may come off as a cure-all substance. However, there is little to no proof to show that it is or isn’t. Also, there is limited research on what you might achieve by using CBD. It wasn’t until recently that the government adjusted the Federal laws surrounding the use of CBD. So, studies and trials are very much at their early stage. That said, the advice from experts is this: carry out some research by yourself. Find out the recommended cannabinoid formulation for your condition. This will help you know what to look out for when searching for CBD products.

Health Benefits of Consuming CBD

The method of action of this compound, CBD, is quite unclear to experts. Unlike its sister compound THC, CBD has little binding affinity for cannabinoid receptors. It influences other receptors in the body, like opioid receptors responsible for pain regulation.

CBD advocates are firm believers in its usage for treating a wide variety of ailments. Some of the conditions where this substance might be helpful include:

Regardless of the popularity of CBD, bear in mind that there is little evidence to prove its effectiveness. Researches are still ongoing, and the results look promising. The only FDA-approved CBD drug currently is Epidiolex. They approved it in June 2018 for the treatment of seizures in two rare types of epilepsy.

CBD Dosage in Different Ways

There are different ways of consuming CBD, and the CBD dosage will differ depending on the method of consumption. For instance, vaping and CBD tinctures enter the bloodstream in different amounts. One has a higher bioavailability than the other.

Also, note that people react to substances differently. In other words, two persons may consume the same amount of CBD but experience different effects. So, there is no CBD dosage set in stone for all and sundry.

What this CBD oil dosage below provides is a recommended guideline. It will help you ascertain how you can use CBD for different conditions.

CBD Dosage for Chronic Pain

There is no current recommended CBD dosage for pain. And, this is because the way people perceive pain is always different. However, experts always advise that you use the same dose of CBD three times a day. That is, 3 x 50mg daily, for example. Apply CBD topicals to the area for relief from localized pain. If the topical seems not efficient or the pain level is high, you can supplement with a vape. CBD oil and tinctures are also standard for pain relief.

The symptom of many medical conditions is chronic pain. In these cases, the use of CBD may be beneficial in relief.

The CBD dosage for chronic pain doesn’t necessarily cure the root cause of the issue. Instead, it helps in managing the symptoms, which in this case is chronic pain.

CBD Dosage for Anxiety & Depression

The CBD dosage for anxiety and depression takes into consideration the individual’s body weight and metabolism. But, according to recommendations, you can start somewhere between 40-80mg CBD daily. Generally, the idea is to monitor the effect of a set dose, then make the required changes. For instance, a person may decide to begin with 40mg daily. They would have to take 20mg morning and evening to amount to their daily dose for one week. If there are no noticeable effects on their symptoms, they should try a 10mg increment each week.

Until the effect is noticed, gradually increase your dosage each week. Or, you can top up with a vape if you need an immediate result.

CBD Dosage for Sleep

Many people are using CBD oil to improve their sleep quality and sleep better. Some sleep disorders and issues come from stress and chronic pain. Others can also be a result of personal or environmental factors. The point is, a large number of persons suffer from a lack of quality sleep.

A 2013 study found that administering CBD increased total sleep time and REM sleep in rats. The amount given to these rats was 40mg per kg body weight. However, using this method to administer for humans would not be ideal. The recommended CBD dosage for sleep is around 80-100mg. And, this is taken about thirty minutes before bedtime.

CBD Dosage for PTSD

The use of CBD in treating symptoms of PTSD shows a lot of promise. From recent studies, you will discover that many sufferers of PTSD notice a reduction in their symptoms. So, what is the recommended CBD oil dosage for PTSD?

Doses ranging from 15 to 50mg have helped reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorders. In the studies carried out, one of the major highlights is the effects of smaller doses. Smaller doses worked better for the patients, as against overburdening them with high dosages.

CBD Dosage for Epilepsy

CBD oil reduces the number of seizures for people with epilepsy. The recommended starting CBD oil dosage for epilepsy is 2.5mg per kg body weight two times daily. If the patient’s body tolerates this dosage, it can be incremented up to 5mg per kg body weight. This will also be twice daily. For instance, if the person’s body weight is 50kg, a daily dosage of 500mg CBD would be okay.

Furthermore, the maximum recommended daily dosage is 1200mg CBD. Anything higher than this will further reduce the number of seizures. However, when administered for a prolonged period may cause liver problems due to overload on the organ.

CBD Dosage for Cancer

Unfortunately, there are limited studies on the use of CBD for cancer treatment. But, according to the National Cancer Institute, CBD helps patients manage their symptoms. Both symptoms of cancer and those related to chemotherapy.

CBD effects include pain management, control of nausea, improved appetite, and increased quality of sleep. Also, many people believe that CBD products that have other cannabinoids, like THC, are best in this condition. Currently, there is no recommended CBD dosage for cancer. However, you can follow the guideline in the sections above for managing symptoms like pain, anxiety, and sleep problems.

CBD Dosage for Inflammation

According to research, the more CBD you use on your inflammation, the better. The effect of CBD on this condition is mostly dependent on the dose you use. In other words, the more CBD you take, the stronger the response.

For that reason, the recommended CBD dosage for inflammation always varies. A less severe condition, like the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis, may require a low-strength CBD. Conversely, if the inflammation is more serious, you may need a high-strength CBD.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

The amount of CBD you should administer to your dog highly depends on body weight.

You can use a CBD dosage calculator to determine the right amount. The strength varies from minimum to maximum. Here is a guide on how to calculate CBD dosage for dogs:

  • Minimum dose: 0.05mg per kg
  • Average dose: 0.45mg per kg
  • Strong dose: 1.25mg per kg
  • Maximum dose: 5.0mg per kg

The rule of thumb with CBD is always to start from the minimum or smallest available dose. Also, if you’re not using CBD for a specific condition, you don’t have to bother about higher dosages.

Lastly, you should know that most manufacturers have a dosing guideline for their products. The best thing to do is start from their minimum dose and slowly increase as you monitor your dog. Also, most pets react well to high CBD doses. So, there is nothing to worry about. However, do well to consult your veterinarian if you want to administer doses above 5mg/kg.

CBD Consumption Safety and Side Effects

CBD is a safe substance to use, but there are mild side effects some people may notice. These include dry mouth, changes in appetite, fatigue, diarrhea, and drowsiness.

Also, CBD can interact with drugs such as blood thinners. Because of this, you should consult your doctor before using any CBD product. Another area of concern concerning safety is the purity of the product. There are hundreds of products available for sale. And, some manufacturers end up offering those that are below standard.

To ensure you’re using a quality substance, buy from reputable companies that carry out third-party tests. The results should also be available on their website.

Final Thoughts

(CBD) Cannabidiol has many possible health benefits. Some health conditions where CBD may be helpful include but are not limited to pain, inflammation, and seizures. Others are anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and PTSD. There are limited human studies to confirm the effectiveness of CBD in some of these conditions. For that reason, there often no standard CBD dosage. You can work with the recommended doses above. Or follow the general rule, which is to start low and go slow. From dozens of recent studies and results, CBD is a promising health supplement. Although it is highly safe, some persons may notice some side effects like dry mouth and diarrhea. These are often mild, and there is no cause for alarm.

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